Do you suffer from chondromalacia?

3Chondromalacia is a progressive wear of the underlying patellar cartilage due to uncorrected alignment of the patella throughout the femoral groove.

This injury is marked by pain in the knee joint, usually anterior and internal, but sometimes external too. Going down stairs, sitting for a long time, squatting or even walking is painful and uncomfortable. Sports like football, handball, tennis or cross fit training can cause and aggravate this pathology.

The reason of the uncorrected alignment of the patella is a postural disorder in the lower limb. A Rectus Femoris and Iliotibial Band tightness, associated with a Vastus Medialis weakness, may increase the internal patella pressure. In these cases, elevation and internal rotation of the patella causes abnormal rising through the femoral groove resulting in long term cartilage degeneration.

A genu valgus (knock knee) posture and a flat foot may contribute to the onset of chondromalacia.

How can we help you?

Physiotherapy, massage, myofascial release, osteopathy and specific strength training are a number of treatments that can greatly aid recovery.

With the analysis of the correct sport specific movement and an individual program of Global Postural Re-education, we can improve the postural correction and release the hypertonic muscles which provoke the disorder. A variety of eccentric exercises (Tirante musculador RF or Muscle Belt) will increase the tendon strengthening, reducing the pain in the knee and correcting the alignment of the patella to prevent future injuries.

Remember that you will feel healthier and you will achieve your fitness goals without injuries if your exercises are controlled and overseen by a specialist.


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