Exams can be Painful!

The exam period can be a stressful time for many students: long periods of revision hunched over a book, computer or notes and then the exams themselves, with hours of focused concentration. While stress doesn’t directly cause back and neck pain it can exacerbate the symptoms, so it’s important that students take steps to ensure this doesn’t affect their work.


For all those taking exams at this time of year, try incorporating these simple steps into your daily routine to help ensure that back or neck pain doesn’t impact your studies.


  • Sit up, look sharp – Always work at a table, sitting on a chair, rather than on the sofa or in bed. Relax when sitting into your chair, making sure you have your bottom and shoulder blades touching the back of the seat.


  • Take a break – Taking regular revision breaks is extremely important. Move around every 20-30 minutes; stand up to stretch, change position and walk around a little. 


  • Check your bag – It can be tempting to carry around all your notes and books, but make sure you check your bag every day so you’re only carrying the things you really need. Try using bags which can be carried on two shoulders with adjustable straps so the weight can be distributed evenly.


  • Walk tall – Look for opportunities to exercise during the day. Try parking your car further away or taking the stairs instead of the elevator.


  • Keep hydrated – Don’t forget to drink lots of water. Make sure you top up your fluids as the body works better when well hydrated. Your muscles and joints will work more efficiently and for longer.


Good luck in your exams this year!


James B.

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