Injury Mindset

Injuries can cause emotions and a negative mindset…a negative mindset can lead to stress, stress causes inflammation and slows down the injury recovery time. Its a vicious circle…so how do we help this?


“Change your mindset!” Simple right…you may think ‘if only it was that easy’ but it really isn’t too hard. This is in your control and you can totally apply this.


Being injured is rubbish, theres no two ways about it, but at the time you cannot change that fact. So this is your chance to change your mindset and simply do everything you can to make small improvements each day.


  • Firstly, allow yourself to be upset, down, annoyed, angry etc…this is normal and if you have been training towards a goal its devastating when you can no longer reach it at the planned time. Go through the emotions.


  • If you didn’t already, see a specialist…a Sports Therapist, a Physiotherapist or a Sports Doctor etc to have the injury assessed, to receive treatment and to put a plan in order.


  • Be patient. Trust the healing process and the plan that the specialist will work through with you. Take it day by day initially and set some daily goals that will eventually get you back to reaching your bigger goals.


  • Do your homework. If you are given a strength plan and a mobility plan. Do this!! You have the time and if you want to get better you need to know that YOU are doing everything to help it. Be accountable for yourself!


  • Think of your injury rehabilitation is part of your training, try not to think of it as anything other than that. It is simply a slight change in your training plan and I promise you that you’ll come back stronger!


  • Stay positive. Now is your chance to make some incredible changes to your body that you probably didn’t do enough of previously. Be grateful that you can still move and have this opportunity to work on your weaknesses.



  • Good nutrition. Reduce the amount of sugars you are eating as sugars are inflammatory foods which will encourage the amount of inflammation in your body and delay recovery. Increase some natural anti-inflammatory foods or supplements…turmeric, zinc, magnesium and your greens!


  • Rest days are part of a normal training plan and not just an injury rehabilitation plan. They are there so you can do your next days session to your full potential.


  • This is your bodies chance to recover. Getting a massage will increase your delta brainwaves, these kind of waves occur when we are in a deep sleep. So if you have trouble sleeping, you are almost guaranteed a good night’s sleep after a sports massage.



Results will show, be consistent and trust the process. Ensure you see your sports therapist for treatment, massage, dry needling, strength, mobility or anything that your injury requires throughout the rehabilitation process.


You got this!!


Lizzie T.



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