Can’t believe this is happening to me.

No one likes to be injured or ill, but unfortunately, almost every individual, athlete or not, have a period of his life that it happens. It’s not good going through that process and will never be a pleasant experience at first. But the way you face it, it will decide how strong and fast you will recover.


Most of us, just after an injury keep struggling with a main question: ‘’Now what?!’’.


Allow yourself to go through different states distress and emotions, allow yourself to moan but get back strong and ready to overcome your new challenges. Try this:


  • Be sad/angry:
    • Take your time to ‘’be upset’’ by it. It’s normal to feel sad and angry when we get injured. Feelings are a part of us and thus, a part of healing
  • Accept it:
    • It’s really bad to get your dreams and goals delayed by an injury but, unfortunately, it’s your new reality for now. Allow yourself to accept it. Spending too much time thinking in ‘’what if’s’’ or ‘’if only’’ will take too much energy from your recovery and also may affect your mental sanity.
  • Be resilient:
    • Fill your mind with positive thinking and focus your mindset on the recovery process. Your attitude will be fundamental. Ask for help if needed
  • Set new goals:
    • Build new goals for short and long-term. If you have to delay the old ones, don’t forget about them, you’ll bring them back to track soon
  • Keep active:
    • Build your foundation and come back stronger. There are plenty of stuff you can improve for now
  • Sleep/eat well:
    • Don’t forget to rest your engine, resting is fundamental to an healthy rcover. Feed your engine with the best fuel, as it will help you come back faster and stronger.
  • Enjoy the process:
    • Recoveries don’t necessarily need to be boring and annoying. Make sure you have fun during your recovery and explore other skills you didn’t need before. Challenge yourself


In general, a physical injury doesn’t only mean a injury recovery. The body should be always approached holistically, before, during and after recover.


Joao L.

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