When Can I Move Again?

Exercising is the natural, free and most effective analgesic that exists. Im not the only one saying it, latest research shows that people that increase their physical skills rely more on their body for numerous activities, creating independence and a stronger individual which leads to happiness.

But, is it safe to exercise with pain?

First, you should discuss it with your healthcare professional and after confirming safety, you definitely can! Lately, we’re changing our idea of pain and understanding that exercises can influence not only the speed of the rehabilitation as well as your level of pain! So the goal should mainly be with focusing on what can we do as individuals while the pain goes away and not what we can’t do while we still have pain! 


Interesting right? 



Let’s have a look, so you only have pain when you move your arm over your head. But can you move it till shoulder height? If yes, do it. Can you squat without that shoulder discomfort? So do it. Can you ride your bicycle without having your knee pain to start? Amazing, have an amazing morning cycling.


This leads to some questions you should be doing to your doctor/therapist:


Am i safe to move?

– Discuss with your doctors what it’s not safe to do in order to keep active and strong while you overcome your injury.


What happens if it hurts?

– Remember that pain, being a state of awareness, doesn’t mean harm but we avoid working around pain. Only do it so if clinically approved by your doctor/therapist.


Muscle soreness is the same?

– A different discomfort might appear while you work around an injury and that should be due to some overwork, respect your rest! 


Which exercise can I do?

– Exercise is just doing a little bit more of what you do on your day to day life and includes a simple range of movements like walking, running, cycling, dancing, gardening, using stairs instead of elevator, etc.





You don’t have to high intensity workout to get the benefits from exercise, and that’s the magic of movement.

A little bit more than yesterday, is a won day! 


Feel free to trust your body!

DISCLAIMER: Always search for guidance in case of symptoms appearing during/after exercises. Make sure you get help and opinion from your healthcare professional.


Joao L.

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