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May 19, 2020
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DISC March Message

While Oprah is getting even more attention at the moment, I wanted to comment on something I heard from her podcast earlier this month.

“Please take responsibility for the energy you bring into this space.” It really made me think about the layers in this statement and how it can affect our mentality and our approach to life.

We’re told and taught to ‘own our day’- to make the most of it. But we are seldom taught the importance of taking ownership of ourselves in this abstract sense of energy. Have you ever noticed that someones ‘vibe is off’ or someone has the power to affect the mood of an entire group if it simply doesn’t jive with everyone else? That energy is infectious, and sometimes it’s out of our control, but we can all do one another a favor by remembering that we are responsible for ourselves which in turn, can affect others.  Even on our bad days, it’s a simple reminder to take a deep breath, acknowledge your feelings or frustrations, and try your best to bring your best self forward.

When we first opened the doors to our DHCC office in 2014, our goal was simple: to provide the best evidence-based, integrative treatments for any individual. Six years and two additional clinics later, the goal remains the same, and we hope to serve as many communities as possible.

This extends to helping others feel welcome and appreciated as both patients or colleagues in the clinic. Our staff pours their positive energy into the work they do, and for that; we are eternally grateful!

This March, we hope you’re bringing good vibes with you wherever you go!


-Tamara Ghazi
Co-founder, Medical Director

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