This festive season… Eat Mindful not Mindless

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November 30, 2015
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This festive season… Eat Mindful not Mindless

adorable_12_christmas_table_decorationsHoliday parties and festivities are coming, and food temptations are BIG!!

Make smart choices that will allow you to enjoy yourself WITHOUT adding extra weight which will be a hassle to get rid of in the new year.

  • Fill up on vegetables: You’re sure to find a tray of fresh vegetables or salads at every party. Cucumbers, carrots, peppers & broccoli are perfect to nibble on! Just watch out for the heavy dips. Also, make sure to have a portion of salad on your plate always.
  • Go for the proteins: Skip the pastries and pies. This year stick to turkey and roastbeef slices, shrimp cocktails & salmon on toast.
  • Fill up your plate: Fill 1/3 of your plate with your favorite salad, 1/3 with a cold appetizer, and the last 1/3 with your hot meal. Do not go for seconds. The salad fills you up and you will still have the luxury to enjoy the rest of your food wisely.
  • Get cozy with a hot drink: Dedicate your afternoon snack to a hot drink. Make sure your ingredients include low-fat milk. A pinch of chocolate powder and cinnamon on top will boost the winter festive spirit!
  • Plan your day. Don’t skip a meal. small, light breakfast, snack or a small fruit or yogurt, have a portioned lunch/dinner salad with grills. The big calories will come during your party. So keep space for them.
  • Easy on the sweets: Variety is big and you will want to try them all!! Choose only your favorite kind and have a small piece. If you have 2 favorites, eat a half portion of each piece. Sweets are meant to be savored not indulged upon.
  • Keep up your exercise: To maintain your weight and not feel lethargic during the holidays, exercise is still advisable! The Holidays doesn’t mean days and weeks off exercise. You are supposed to boost your energy levels during holidays, so go for a walk or a jog, or do some yoga that will boost your mood.
  • Be realistic: Don’t aim at losing weight during the holidays. Instead, try to maintain your weight by balancing party eating and Christmas dinners with other meals.

Hala B.

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